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A.H.A. Wellness Services specializes in overall 
relaxation and a gentle approach to detoxification.  

   The body is an The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. With the toxins in our air, our food and our water, it is easy to see how our bodies could be overburdened with toxins. It is up to you to provide the optimum solutions to assist your body in releasing these toxins so the body can bring itself into balance. Try a gentle approach to detoxification with the Ion Detox Footbath, Relaxation Massage and Raindrop Technique

The mind and body can take a great deal before it feels the strain and stresses of life. How you deal with that stress may have acute or chronic affects on your overall well-being. Our recommended solution to help you get through these learnings within our limitations so we can let them go include Energetic Communication Therapy, Relaxation Massage , Head and Neck Massage and the Raindrop Technique  to relax the body. It is highly recommended to use therapeutic-grade essential oils to support the changes to a healthier lifestyle at home. 

Learn tools and tips to bring balance to your life that supports a healthy lifestyle.  Through education and utilizing solutions that address your concerns you will feel more relaxed and more aware to make choices that support your forward movement. You will receive objective support optimizing the one-on-one sessions or an individualized Mentoring Program to identify and work toward your goals.

We even provide on-site solutions to promote relaxation and overall wellness through our Detox Days and home parties. 


Testimonial - Ion Detox Footbath

"The ion detox foot bath was an incredible experience for me. It was confirmed that I had mercury poisoning in 2011 and was advised to use the ion foot bath to remove this designated substance. My toxin levels began declining and I confirmed this with laboratory analysis. Sheri was such a pleasure to see during my sessions, she made it a very comfortable experience for me. I recommend Sheri and her ion foot bath detox as I not only felt the difference it made for me, the analytical results were there to prove how well it works!"

R. Guay, Health, Safety, Environmental Compliance Manager


Welcome to A.H.A. Wellness Services


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